BJORN HALL Stockholm Series Stethoscope Nurse's Review

The nurse’s stethoscope is a symbol of prestige and function. As nurses we proudly display our stethoscopes around our neck like jewelry when we round on patients and perform nursing care.

What better way to represent yourself in this nursing profession than your stethoscope! I have been privileged to be one of the first to use the Bjorn Hall Stockholm Series Stethoscope! Continue reading for my full review on this beautifully designed piece of medical equipment!



Impressive, clean, and prestigious looking. There is a minimal amount of plastic which on an environmental standpoint is a huge plus! The box can be used and reused for storing your stethoscope when not in use or just for storage of other nursing tools! I will keep it in my locker at work.


The clean white design of this stethoscope is simple, yet sophisticated. I love the Bjorn Hall logo on the diaphragm & bell of the stethoscope for a prestigious touch. I have gotten a few inquiries about the company from other nurses, the stethoscope is attractive but not too flashy.



This stethoscope was designed by a nurse and you can tell!  Wearing a stethoscope for up to 12 hours some shifts you start to appreciate the little aspects that make it more comfortable to carry around with you.

  1. Ear tips - comes with multiple sizes and are very soft and fit comfortably in ears
  2. Long tubing to minimize back bending to assess heart rate and lung sounds
  3. Soft, non-sticky tubing to eliminate the tugging and pulling on your bare skin around your neck or getting caught up in your hair.   *This is a huge plus as many other brands have somewhat sticky tubing that has gotten caught in my hair
  4. Flexible Tubing: The tubing is also very flexible making it easy to fold up and tuck into a jacket pocket!
  5. Lightweight - this stethoscope is seriously lightweight!  Aside from the bell/diaphragm piece, the tubing and ear piece itself is extremely lightweight and comfortable around your neck.  


Excellent sound quality coming from both the diaphragm and the bell side of the stethoscope.



Accessory Kit:  Clean white zippered pouch with extra eartips, diaphragm and bell covers.   

Information booklet:  Information on the stethoscope and also detailed instructions for use


$$$  The cost of this stethoscope is currently far below market value for a quality designed stethoscope.  Right now it can be purchased on for $55!!  When compared to the $80-200 you would spend on Littman stethoscopes this price range is a steal in my opinion!  


  • Sleek design
  • Special attention to overall comfort
  • Acoustics & Functionality
  • Soft, pliable tubing


  • Heavy bell/diaphragm can cause uneven distribution of weight when worn around your neck.
  • Slight kink in tubing when removed from package, after two weeks the kink is all but gone.

I would recommend the Bjorn Hall Stockholm Series Stethoscope to my nurse and doctor colleagues.  The quality craftsmanship, impressive function, and sleek design all make this a worthwhile purchase.

Not only that, I am a PROUD SUPPORTER OF NURSES and appreciate that this product was designed by a nurse for other nurses! You can check out the creator of the Bjorn Hall Stethoscope, Nurse Jenny, at or on her blog,

I am happy to support a business who truly understands the struggles of working on the floor as a nurse!

Check back for more honest reviews on quality nursing products that I use in my everyday practice!


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